Schedule the Live Line Demonstration Unit or Toy Town for your organization's meeting.

Live Line Demonstration Unit

Live Line Demo

South Central Power's Live Line Demonstration Unit is a valuable educational tool. It's a good program for law enforcement and safety authorities, civic groups and high school students.

The live line unit uses 7,200 volts backfed through a transformer. Co-op operations personnel show the real dangers of electricity, but safely. When setup, three poles are connected with 30 feet of primary wire. Transformers are on the poles at either end, with a breaker on the middle pole. Linemen and area supervisors demonstrate how our hot sticks and safety gear are used. The demo unit also shows how reclosers function and how a fuse blows. The real eye opener for most people is how leather gloves, tennis shoes and steel-belted tires don't protect against electricity flowing through electric lines.

The unit was designed and built by a number of South Central Power employees.

Toy Town

Toy Town

Another educational tool that South Central Power uses is Toy Town. It is a smaller electric safety unit for younger students or smaller groups.

Energy advisors teach about the dangers of overhead power lines, real-life situations where children could come into conflict with those lines plus many more topics.