Scholarship Programs
Two scholarship programs help high school seniors who want to continue their education at a college, vocational or technical school.

South Central Power Scholarship


Applications are available each January at participating high schools for South Central Power's annual scholarship contest. The program provides graduating high school seniors with additional funds for higher education at a college, vocational or technical school. Scholarship applicants must be the son or daughter of South Central Power consumers.

A total of six students - three boys and three girls - receive a $400 cash scholarship. From that group, the judges rank the winners, with the first place winners receiving an additional $200 and second place winners an additional $100. The first place winners go on to compete in the statewide competition sponsored by Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc. The top statewide prize is a $2,900 cash scholarship.

High school guidance counselors throughout the co-op's service area choose their school's scholarship candidates. Each high school has its own application process, and one boy and one girl may be selected. Each candidate will go through an interview session hosted by the Co-op, allowing the judges to speak with each individual. Those interviews typically are held in St. Clairsville, Circleville and Lancaster.

Touchstone Special Achievement Scholarship

Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives offers a scholarship to four high school students. There are 4 $1,700.00 awards given. The students are judged on how well their activities reflect the Touchstone Energy core values of accountability, integrity, innovation and commitment to community, as well as their drive and dedication to achieving a college education despite personal obstacles or specially challenges.

The graduating high school seniors must be children whose parents or guardians are electric members of an Ohio rural electric cooperative. Applications are submitted directly to OREC.