Interested South Central Power members can support renewable energy for as little as $2 a month.


What is EnviroWatts?

EnviroWatts is a green power program that lets consumers support production of energy from renewable sources.

Renewable energy credits (RECs) for EnviroWatts come from Buckeye Power’s portfolio of renewable energy resources. Ohio’s electric co-ops purchase their electricity from Buckeye Power.

In 2010 that included a wind farm in Story County, Iowa. Buckeye Power’s purchased power agreement is for 30 megawatts of wind generation. The RECs also encompass two anaerobic biodigesters. When they became operational in 2008 they were the first of their kind in Ohio. Using methane from animal waste, the units at the 3,900-cow Bridgewater Dairy in Williams County and the 600,000-laying hen Wenning Poultry farm in Mercer County can produce up to a combined 3 megawatts of green power for Buckeye Power.

South Central Power consumers who support renewable energy development may voluntarily purchase 100-Kilowatt blocks of EnviroWatts. A $2 monthly charge is added to the consumer’s electric bill for each block. The EnviroWatts commitment appears as a separate line item on the monthly electric bill. Consumers select the number of blocks to purchase. To keep costs to a minimum, South Central Power encourages a one-year commitment. However, additional fees are not charged for a shorter commitment.

EnviroWatts participants do not have renewable energy delivered directly to their home or business. Rather, it’s generated and delivered to the Ohio power grid.

Contact South Central Power to enroll.