Meter Socket Adapter by Tesco


Protect larger appliances and "direct wire" products from surges produced outside the home.

To protect larger appliances and "direct wire" products, such as heating and cooling equipment, from surges produced outside the house, South Central Power offers a Meter Socket Adapter from Tesco. This device fits into a standard South Central Power meter base, up to 200 amps. It is specific for electric residential and light industrial customers only.


The adapter will protect many of the products in your home that are difficult to protect with other types of surge suppressors. Some of the appliances that are protected include: Washer/Dryer, Range/Stove, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Pool pumps, Electric hot water heating and many more! View complete list of appliances.

Cost & Installation

South Central Power sells the Tesco Meter Socket Adapter for $150, which includes installation. South Central Power will install the Tesco unit only for its customers.