How to Report an Outage
Whenever your electricity goes off, please thoroughly check your fuses or the breaker panel in your home to determine if it is an isolated problem before notifying South Central Power.

To Report a Power Outage Online:


Submit an outage under the My Account area; you may need to create an account to login if you haven't done so previously.

By using South Central Power Online, we can automatically fill in your service number and location. Just fill in the rest of the information and the system will immediately send your outage to our staff coordinating the restoration efforts.

To Report a Power Outage by Phone:

phone pad

Depending on the severity of the outage, your call may be answered by a co-op employee or the automated outage reporting system.

The automated system alerts South Central Power personnel about your outage. If the system cannot match the telephone number you're calling from or if you're not calling from the outage location, you will be asked to enter the telephone number of the outage site or the 12-digit outage reporting number. While it does not offer the option of talking to a person, the system automatically and efficiently sends your outage number to those who are coordinating outage restoration efforts.

To report power outages, call 1-877-OUTAGES (1-877-688-2437) toll-free anytime.