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Live Line demonstration unit

Farm Science Bureau Kevin KemmererSouth Central Power’s Live Line Demonstration Unit is a valuable educational tool. It’s a good program for law enforcement and safety authorities, civic groups and high school students. The live line unit uses 7,200 volts backfed through a transformer. Co-op operations personnel show the real dangers of electricity, but safely. When set up, three poles are connected with 30 feet of primary wire. Transformers are on the poles at either end, with a breaker on the middle pole. Linemen and area supervisors demonstrate how our hot sticks and safety gear are used.

The demo unit also shows how reclosers function and how a fuse blows. The real eye opener for most people is how leather gloves, tennis shoes and steel-belted tires don’t protect against electricity flowing through electric lines. The unit was designed and built by a number of South Central Power employees.

Safety Town program

Marv Winland demonstrates electric safety to a family at Lancaster Cops & Kids 2016.Another educational tool that South Central Power uses is the Safety Town program. It is a smaller electric safety unit for younger students or smaller groups. Energy advisors teach about the dangers of overhead power lines, real-life situations where children could come into conflict with those lines plus many more topics. Safety Town can be reserved by calling a Energy Advisor at your local South Central Power office.

Additional presentations

Additional presentations can be done on energy conservation, deregulation, and other cooperative topics by calling your local energy advisor at South Central Power. Schedule the Live Line Demonstration Unit or Safety Town for your organization’s meeting.

For more information

For additional questions or to reserve the unit at your organizational meeting, complete our online request form or call Kevin Kemmerer at 1-800-282-5064, ext. 3250.

Scholarship programs

Two scholarship programs help high school seniors who want to continue their education at a college, vocational or technical school.

South Central Power Scholarship

The program provides graduating high school seniors with additional funds for higher education at a college, vocational or technical school. Applications are available each November for students living within the 24 counties served by South Central Power Company. Several students will receive a $1,000 scholarship. From that group, the South Central Foundation Board of Directors will select one boy and one girl to compete in the statewide competition sponsored by Ohio Electric Cooperatives, Inc. The top statewide prize is $3,400.

Touchstone Special Achievement Scholarship

Ohio Electric Cooperatives offers a scholarship to six high school students. There are six $2,000 scholarships. The students are judged on how well their activities reflect the Touchstone Energy core values of accountability, integrity, innovation and commitment to community, as well as their drive and dedication to achieving a college education despite personal obstacles or special challenges. The graduating high school seniors must be children whose parents or guardians are electric members of an Ohio electric cooperative. Applications are submitted directly to OEC.

Youth Tour

Attention high school juniors: Apply to win an all expense paid trip to the nation’s capital!

Youth Tour 2016 LogoThe Youth Tour is sponsored by the National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association (NRECA). High school juniors from across the country gather each June for an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. as part of the annual NRECA’s Youth Tour. Students are sent to Washington, D.C. for a number of reasons which include educating students about the role of electric co-ops in the national economy and exposing them to the sights and sounds of our nation’s heritage.

Participants tour many nationally significant sites, including Arlington National Cemetery, the Vietnam Memorial, National Cathedral and the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts, as well as meeting with Congressional representatives. South Central Power sponsors two students. To be eligible, a student must be a high school junior whose parents or guardians are members of South Central Power.

Just for Kids

Various resources are available for kids of all ages to learn about electricity and its dangers. Electricity is everywhere. It powers the appliances and computers that surround kids – they come across outlets, cords and power lines every day. South Central Power has developed this section to teach kids the principles of electricity and the important safety skills they need to make good choices around electricity.

Kids Korner

Kid’s Korner uses information, experiments, games, and activities to teach students the principles of electric and electrical safety.Kid's Korner image

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Activity book

Children help Willie Wirehand complete word scrambles, puzzles and solve mystery messages. These activities teach kids about electrical safety.

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Lesson plans

Lesson plans for K-8 grade students that exercise electrical safety and energy conservation.

Energy conservation

Electric safety

For additional questions or more information regarding any of our community outreach and education endeavors, complete our online request form or call Liz Bainter at 1-800-282-5064, ext. 6252.