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Co-ops Vote

Electric co-ops facilitate voter registration and encourage voting in November

The 2016 elections shined a big spotlight on rural America.  Many in small towns and communities across our country went to the polls to ensure their voices were heard, and now elected officials are taking notice.  2020 is an excellent time to ensure that your voices and these issues remain at the forefront.

Co-ops Vote

This year may is a big one for national elections, and lots of local elections. Elections that affect our communities because those we choose to serve live and work here too. This year is a great time to build on the momentum we started in 2016, to join with 42 million members of electric cooperatives around the country, and remind our elected officials that rural issues matter.

Registering to vote and informing members about rural issues

This non-partisan effort developed by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) does not endorse candidates for election.

Instead, Co-ops Vote is designed to boost voter turnout in areas served by cooperatives across the country. It facilitates voter registration and provides online links to general voting information.

Most importantly, it encourages all registered voters to go to the polls on Nov. 3.

Additionally, Co-ops Vote educates members about the key national issues facing electric co-ops and introduces those topics into political and public discussions.

What kinds of issues affect you?

Issues like affordable and reliable energy, renewable energy, low-income energy assistance, rural broadband access, hiring and honoring veterans, cyber security, water regulation, and rural health care access are issues that Co-ops Vote addresses.

These national issues affect electric co-op members everywhere, regardless of address, profession, or political party affiliation. Still, these subjects only become priorities if enough electric cooperative voters show their elected officials that they are paying attention. Registering to vote and then actually casting your ballot are the most effective ways to send this message to your legislators.

Register to vote, and cast your ballot

Whether you are already a registered voter or still need to register, South Central Power encourages all members to visit

It outlines the voter registration process and links members directly to voter registration forms. Information regarding election deadlines, dates, and voting locations is at your fingertips, too. Learn about the candidates and get background information on the key issues mentioned above.