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Just for Kids

Various resources are available for kids of all ages to learn about electricity and its dangers. Electricity is everywhere. It powers the appliances and computers that surround kids – they come across outlets, cords and power lines every day. South Central Power has developed this section to teach kids the principles of electricity and the important safety skills they need to make good choices around electricity.

Kids Korner

Kid’s Korner uses information, experiments, games, and activities to teach students the principles of electric and electrical safety.Kid's Korner image

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Activity book

Children help Willie Wiredhand complete word scrambles, puzzles and solve mystery messages. These activities teach kids about electrical safety.

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Energy Explorers

Join us each month for a fun activity for kids brought to you by Energy Explorers!

Lesson plans

Lesson plans for K-8 grade students that exercise electrical safety and energy conservation.

Energy conservation

Electric safety

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