South Central Power

2019 #lineman2lineman

Being a lineman isn’t easy, whether you’re on the football field or working from a bucket. To show our support of all kinds of linemen, South Central Power will be spotlighting some of the best linemen across Ohio, on and off the field.

Each week this fall, in different communities we serve, South Central will spotlight two “Linemen of the Week,” including a South Central Line Worker and a local football player. The spotlight will include photos and brief Q&As with both linemen, highlighting their backgrounds and what helps them to be successful in their roles.

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Week 4: Anthony Lampron Jr. from Pickerington Central High School and South Central Power’s Ricky Howell



Anthony Lampron Jr:  senior, Pickerington Central High School

  • Hometown: Pickerington
  • Sports played: Football
  • Notable highlights: Senior football captain and two-year starter at center, led team to a Division I Regional Championship last season, played in week one game vs Winter Park (FL) in the Freedom Bowl (GA)
  • Favorite sports team: Tennessee Titans, one of our former Tiger football players is on the coaching staff
  • Years playing football: 12
  • Football position: Starting center
  • Best thing about being a lineman: I have that protective demeanor and I enjoy protecting the quarterback.
  • Favority hobby off the field: Hunting with my dad
  • What keeps you going when things get tough:My parents have raised me the correct way and not to give in to any tough situation.
  • Anthony’s coach, Jay Sharrett, says: Anthony has led our offense going on two seasons.  His leadership on the field and conduct in the classroom separates him from the ordinary high school student athlete.  He is a no risk of failure due to failure not being in his creed.  I feel these qualities have been instilled in Anthony from strong, supportive parents.  I am truly fortunate to coach fine young men like Anthony Lampron Jr.

Ricky Howell:  journeyman line worker, Hillsboro

  • Hometown: Hillsboro
  • Sports played: Football, wrestling and track
  • Notable highlights: Lettered all three years
  • Favorite sports team: Football
  • Years working as a lineman: 39
  • Best thing about being a lineman: You can start this career as a young person with no four-year degree required, which allows you the opportunity to retire while you’re still relatively young too.
  • Favorite hobby off the field: Fishing
  • What keeps you going when things get tough: My wife
  • Ricky’s supervisor, Brian Huff, says: Ricky is a great person and a pleasure to work with. I am thankful for his years of service.

Lucas Breniser:  senior, Teays Valley High School

  • Hometown: Canal Winchester
  • Sports played: Football, wrestling, track and baseball
  • Notable highlights: Captain of the 2019 football team
  • Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers
  • Years playing football: 2
  • Football position: Offensive tackle
  • Best thing about being a lineman: Likes working with my dudes. We are all best friends and this helps get the job done.
  • Favority hobby off the field: Favorite hobby is working
  • What keeps you going when things get tough: When things get tough my friends and family get me through. 
  • Lucas’ coach, Mark Weber, says: Lucas’ ability to care about his teammates and be a protector of them is uncommon. In my many years of coaching I have not had many players that were as tough but also as caring as Lucas. 

Zach Azallion:  journeyman line worker, Barnesville

  • Hometown: Flushing, Ohio
  • Sports played: Football, basketball and track
  • Notable highlights: All state  in track and football, journeyman line worker
  • Favorite sports team: Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Years working as a lineman: 5
  • Best thing about being a lineman: The camaraderie with the other linemen
  • Favorite hobby off the field: Golfing
  • What keeps you going when things get tough: The satisfaction and pride of accomplishing tough challenges
  • Zach’s supervisor, Brian Blon, says: Zach is a positive, hard-working lineman.

Drew Walker:  junior, Liberty Union High School

  • Hometown: Baltimore
  • Sports played: Football, wrestling and track
  • Notable highlights: State and district qualifier in wrestling. Placed 8th in districts for discus. One year varsity defensive end in football. Volunteers at local businesses and ball parks. Plans to attend college and participate in sports at the collegiate level and possibly enter the National Guard. 4.0 GPA and taking college courses
  • Favorite sports team: Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Years playing football: 10
  • Football position: Defensive end
  • Best thing about being a lineman: I get the opportunity to do the dirty work!
  • Favorite hobby off the field: Working in the gym and working outside
  • What keeps you going when things get tough: There are many things that keep me going but most importantly it is showing other players that anything can be done; anything can happen.  A lion which is strongest among beasts, and turneth not away for any; Proverbs 30:30
  • Drew’s coach, Dan Shirey, says: He works extremely hard on and off the football field. Never backs away from a challenge. He continues to get better as an athlete and in life. He is the type of player every coach wants in his locker room.


Brian Cope:  journeyman lineworker, Circleville

  • Hometown: Chillicothe
  • Sports played: Football and baseball
  • Notable highlights: Journeyman lineman, 2018 line worker for Project Guatemala international humanitarian effort, helping power small villages without electricity
  • Favorite sports team: Bengals and Buckeyes
  • Years working as a lineman: 14
  • Best thing about being a lineman: The challenges, and just keeping the lights on
  • Favorite hobby outside of work: Weightlifting
  • What keeps you going when things get tough? Family
  • Brian’s supervisor, Jayson Hedges, says:  Brian is very dedicated to working safely and being proficient with everything he does. Brian prides himself with open arms to helping others, and he’s definitely been an asset to South Central Power Co. I’m grateful to have spent the time in the field with him, and now as his supervisor.

#lineman2lineman: Nate Dupler and Dalton Ford

Dalton Ford:  senior, Unioto High School

  • Hometown: Chillicothe
  • Sports played: Football and basketball
  • Notable highlights: 2018 SVC co-offensive lineman of the year, 2018 1st team all district, 3.6 GPA
  • Favorite sports team: Cleveland Browns
  • Years playing football: 13
  • Football position: Offensive line / defensive line
  • Best thing about being a lineman: Receiving a hug from a running back after he scores a touchdown
  • Favorite hobby off the field: Fishing
  • What keeps you going when things get tough: My family
  • Dalton’s coach, Jeff Metzler, says: I’ve coached Dalton going on four years now. I’ve watched him grow physically, and mentally. Dalton is a very special player. Offensively he makes line checks and blocking adjustments. Defensively, he recognizes offensive tendencies and is able to know not only his job, but the other player’s jobs around him. Having Dalton on the field is like having a coach on the field.  He is extremely valuable to our team.

Nate Dupler:  journeyman lineworker, Lancaster 

  • Hometown: Thornville
  • Sports played: Football and wrestling, Sheridan High School
  • Notable highlights: Journeyman lineman, Tech Sgt., U.S. Air Guard  
  • Favorite sports team: Cleveland Browns
  • Years working as a lineman4
  • Best thing about being a lineman: The challenge – you have to figure out how to handle things as situations come up. When there’s an outage, you never really know what it’ll take to get power restored ’til you get out there. 
  • Favorite hobby outside of work: Fishing
  • What keeps you going when things get tough? I take pride in my work.
  • Nate’s supervisor, Tim Miller, says:  Nate is an intelligent, hardworking, dependable lineman. I feel lucky to have Nate as part of the team and believe him to be an asset to his coworkers as well as the company.