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All-of-the-above energy mix

Cardinal Generating Station in Brilliant, Ohio.

We recognize diversity is a strength when it comes to generating resources. While the bulk of our generating resources still comes from coal and natural gas, we are also investing in renewable sources, and, today, we utilize solar, hydropower, anaerobic digesters and landfill methane to supplement our energy mix. When it comes to coal, we’ve invested to make the Cardinal Generating Station, a major employer and economic driver near the eastern portion of our service territory, one of the cleanest burning coal plants in the world today.

Working with our generation and transmission partners at Buckeye Power, we believe a balanced approach is the key to dependable power that’s still a good value for our members.

That’s why, while we still rely on coal generation to keep the power flowing to your home or business whenever and wherever you need it, we also are investing in facilities like our OurSolar  generating resource. Located in the heart of our service territory in the Rock Mill Industrial Park in Lancaster, South Central Power’s OurSolar facility is the largest cooperative-owned solar installation in Ohio.

Just as we have been for the last 85 years, South Central Power will continue to work and invest with your interests in mind.

Learn more about our generation resources and renewables on the Buckeye Power website.