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Learn the process for building electric service to your new home.

To establish service at a location that does not have an existing meter, consumers are asked to supply some specific information about themselves and their energy needs. Before speaking with a representative at any South Central Power office, please review the list of questions you will be asked. The information requested must be completed before an appointment with an engineer can be scheduled.

To establish service at a location that has an existing meter, phone any South Central Power office or send an email. Requests to turn on service at an existing meter must be made at least one business day in advance.

Buildings and property lines MUST be staked prior to any meeting in the field with an engineer. During the meeting in the field, customers must provide the engineer a copy of the deed or survey and, for a home or business, a well/septic permit if applicable. The engineer will provide a copy of “Consumer Procedures for Obtaining Service,” which is a new service initial checklist that the consumer should follow.

The engineer will cover a number of items during the meeting including:

  • Service routes/Meter locations
  • Easements
  • Tree trimming
  • Consumer responsibilities
  • Temporary construction

During the engineering phase, cost estimates and construction drawings are prepared. The engineer will gather information about existing facilities, service routes and site conditions. If needed, the engineer will apply for easements and roadway crossing permits. Consumers should allow five working days from the time they meet an engineer in the field for completion of engineering plan. If aid-to-construction is required, a letter will be sent to the consumer stating the required amount. If an easement or government permits need obtained or aid-to-construction costs are required, construction plans will be held until completion of these items. Otherwise construction plans will be released to Operations department.

Please contact your local South Central Power office for schedule of construction.

If aid-to-construction payments are required, they must be paid before construction of electric facilities is scheduled. There may be additional construction responsibilities that must be completed (e.g., tree trimming) before work is scheduled. Wiring specifications can be found in Brochures and Forms.

If you are doing the trenching, please follow the below procedures:

  • Contact the Operations Department a minimum of 24 hours prior to trenching to verify and coordinate job.
  • Contact OUPS (1-800-362-2764) or call 811 48 hours prior to any digging.
  • If trenching to a new pole, pole must be set prior to trenching.
  • If trenching to an existing pole or pad, trench must go all the way to pole or padmount.
  • Current trenching specifications can be found in the Downloadable Documents box located in Brochures and Forms.

Once all requirements are satisfied, contact your nearest South Central Power office to schedule a crew to complete installation of electric facilities.

Once construction is complete, crews will build the line and set and turn on the electric meter.

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