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Simple and safe

Generlink imageGenerLink™ is a device installed behind your electric meter that allows you to easily and safely connect and start a portable generator, to your home without rewiring. When you connect and start a portable generator, GenerLink automatically disconnects your house from the electric utility grid, preventing power back feeds which can potentially damage equipment and harm utility personnel.

GenerLink is designed and rated to connect directly to a standard household electric service of 200 amps or less and a portable generator size of between 4,400 and 10,000 watts.

Cost, installation and operation

Check generator compatibility and connector type by clicking on the GenerLink Compatible Generator Guide (once on the GenerLink website, click on “Generator Compatibility List”).  Price includes a standard 20′ cord; longer cords up to 100′ are available at an additional cost. Please click on the Generlink – Member Price List to view current pricing (as of Dec. 2021). Please note that price does not include tax.

Once South Central Power receives your order, an invoice will be sent to you by email or mail. After payment is received, South Central Power will place the order for your GenerLink with Global Power Products, and the GenerLink will be shipped directly to you. Upon arrival of your GenerLink, contact us by submitting a Contact Us form on the My Account site or by calling 800-282-5064 to schedule free installation*.

We ask that you are present during the GenerLink installation. An Energy Advisor will be on site to assist with any questions about the proper operation of your new device.

For questions about your GenerLink device, refer to the Operating Manual, or contact GenerLink support at 800-886-3837.

Read the Installation Agreement prior to submitting your order.

Place an order by submitting the form below. You should expect to receive an email invoice within two business days.  Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

If you require ordering assistance, please contact an Energy Advisor by:

  • Submitting a Contact Us form on the My Account site.
  • Calling 800-282-5064

GenerLink Request Form

GenerLink Request Form