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EnviroWatts LogoSouth Central Power members can support production of energy from renewable sources by participating in EnviroWatts.

Ohio’s electric co-ops purchase their electricity from Buckeye Power. Renewable energy credits (RECs) for EnviroWatts come from Buckeye Power’s portfolio of renewable energy resources.

Buckeye Power’s portfolio includes a purchased power agreement for 30 megawatts (MW) of wind generation from an Iowa wind farm. It also encompassed three anaerobic biodigesters at a Williams County dairy, Mercer County poultry farm and a Morrow County hog farm. Combined, more than 3 MW of green power can be produced from the methane in the animal waste. Methane from landfills in Hancock and Perry Counties produce up to 9.6 MW of electricity. Buckeye Power also has a 55 MW entitlement from the New York Power Authority for hydropower from the Niagara and St. Lawrence Rivers.

Purchasing EnviroWatts

Members voluntarily purchase 100-kilowatt hour blocks of EnviroWatts for a $2 monthly charge that is added to their electric bill for each block. EnviroWatts appears as a separate line item on the bill.

Participants do not have renewable energy delivered directly to their home or business. Rather, it is generated and delivered to the Ohio power grid.

To enroll, call 800-282-5064.