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Community Solar

Your electric cooperative is taking a balanced approach toward energy production. A recently completed renewable energy project offers members an affordable, relatively effortless way to receive a portion of their energy from the sun.

South Central Power’s OurSolar project allows members to purchase the output of solar panels at an array located in Lancaster’s Rock Mill Corporate Park. Today, 1,962 solar panels are producing carbon neutral energy.  To track the output, click here.

Members like the benefits of purchasing power from the OurSolar community solar array. First, members can take advantage of renewable energy without the upfront expense of putting solar panels on their home and the ongoing out-of-pocket maintenance expense. Second, members who live in apartments can’t put up solar panels at all, so the program allows them to “be green.” Third, members want to reduce their carbon footprint in the most cost-efficient way possible. OurSolar fulfills all those reasons.

  • The output of solar panels is being made available on a first come, first served basis. South Central Power members interested in subscribing can fill out our reservation form at
  • Each panel is expected to produce about 35 kWh per month, but the output may be more or less in any given year, depending on weather conditions.
  • Participating in OurSolar will not decrease participants’ electric bill. The average additional cost of $0.099/kWh per month, per panel will be added to the subscribing member’s monthly electric bill. That equates to less than $1 per month, per panel.
  • Participation in the program requires a five-year agreement that would renew every year for the life of the solar array. The OurSolar rate will be fixed during the life of the agreement but is subject to change after the agreement ends.
  • If the agreement is canceled early due to moving, subscribers can return their subscription to South Central Power at no cost. If the agreement is canceled early for a different reason, the subscription may be returned to South Central Power by paying an administrative fee of $50.
  • Eligibility requirements are listed in the OurSolar Agreement.


We currently have 20-30 panels available, so if you’re interested in participating, complete the OurSolar RSVP form.

South Central Power representatives are available to make presentations to local groups about the OurSolar array.  Just call the cooperative at 800-282-5064 to make arrangements.

More details

For more information, see the solar FAQ.

How OurSolar works

 South Central Power members now have a simple, affordable option for renewable energy.