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Budget Billing

How budget billing works

South Central Power Company will average your home energy costs within the last 12 months to arrive at your monthly “budget payment amount.” Your meter will still be read monthly and your bills will show your actual energy costs, but you will be asked to pay only your budget payment amount.

Budgeting & usage monitoring

South Central Power will monitor your account and may adjust your budget payment amount up or down if needed twice a year — in May and October. Your bill will inform you of any payment changes. Residential consumers with at least 12 months of electric use history and a good payment records are eligible to participate. Continued participation in this program requires that payments be made on time each month.


Paperless bills

To make paying your monthly bills even easier, sign up for e-bills. You’ll stop getting paper bills and be able to view, pay and print bills online, as well as set up automatic payments. Sign up for e-bills. Another option to pursue is Auto Pay.


For more information, call us at 800-282-5064 or complete the Contact Us form on the My Account site.