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Member Rates

South Central Power offers a variety of retail electric rates to members.

See the rate schedules below for the following categories, including Residential Service, General Service and Large Power Service.


Schedule R


Schedule GS


Schedule LP


Rider A


Rider B


Schedule of Miscellaneous Charges



Monthly variations in generation & transmission charges

The Generation and Transmission line item charge on electric bills is calculated by multiplying the number of kilowatt hours used by the current per kilowatt hour charge from Buckeye Power to generate and transmit power to South Central Power. The per kilowatt hour charge changes monthly based on factors such as the cost of fuel and environmental controls as well as demand on the system.

The graph below reflects the per kWh generation and transmission charge in each of the last several months.


Month | Charge

Jan-23 $0.087908
Dec-22 $0.097151
Nov-22 $0.096115
Oct-22 $0.092856
Sep-22 $0.088470
Aug-22 $0.089026
Jul-22 $0.092648
Jun-22 $0.090679
May-22 $0.089999
Apr-22 $0.091417
Mar-22 $0.095367
Feb-22 $0.093181
Jan-22 $0.087934