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Arbor Day: Plant the right tree in the right place

April 6, 2022

One of the best things about our communities is the natural beauty that surrounds us. On Arbor Day, April 29, we can reflect on how fortunate we are to have so many trees that offer beauty, shade, and a habitat for all sorts of birds and other wildlife. We know that you appreciate our communities for many of the same reasons.

Unfortunately, overgrown vegetation and trees pose a risk to power lines. Strategic tree trimming in our rights-of-way reduces the frequency of downed lines causing power outages. Generally speaking, healthy trees don’t fall on power lines, and clear lines don’t cause problems.

Proactive trimming keeps lines clear to promote reliability. Proper care begins with selecting the right tree and planting it in the right place. Don’t plant a tree that will grow to 50 feet within 20 feet of a power line. And before planting any tree or digging for a landscaping project, be sure to call OUPS (811) to have all underground utilities marked.

Visit our website for more information about our vegetation management program practices.

Tree trimming prevents outages


South Central Power Company trims and removes trees to ensure safe and reliable electric service as well as to ensure public and line worker safety. Crews work year-round to keep trees and branches in the right-of-way away from power lines. Trimming these trees prevents the majority of outages that would have otherwise been caused by falling branches and trees.

Member-responsibility zone

Even with the preventive work of right-of-way trimming, some tall trees may exist outside the right-of-way that could cause damage to power lines if they fell. If you have a tree on your property that looks like it may be tall enough to cause damage to lines, consider having it professionally trimmed or removed by
a qualified line clearance arborist to prevent further outages.

Keep shrubs at least 10 feet away from transformer doors and 4 feet away from the sides. Maximum tree height under lines is 15 feet.

From the April 2022 issue of Ohio Cooperative Living.