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Be energy efficient this winter

November 2, 2021

Did you know?

The greater the difference between the temperature outside and the thermostat setting inside, the harder your heating system will work and the more electricity it will use, even if you don’t change the thermostat setting.

This is especially true for homes that don’t have enough insulation, homes with single-paned or aluminum-framed windows, and homes with a lot of air leaks around windows, doors, and plumbing and electrical boxes.

Cold temperatures are coming, and we can’t change that. But we can change our habits to save energy and save money.

Here are some tips to be more energy efficient this winter:

  1. Have your heating system checked by a qualified professional
  2. Set your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature
  3. Install weatherstripping around doors and windows

Be sure to monitor your energy use with the South Central app or My Account section on our website. You can compare usage hourly, daily, and monthly.

Hands applying rubber strip. Concept improvement of sealing, sound insulation, thermal insulation of windows and doors. Professional sealing a window frame. Rubber insulation in a plastic window.

From the November 2021 issue of Ohio Cooperative Living.