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Stay safe and avoid fees

June 27, 2022

Follow these tips for when if you need to have your meter removed - for your safety and to avoid fees.Read more

Please move over for roadside crews

February 22, 2022

Al’s roadside safety story Every year, workers along the sides of roads are injured or killed when a car crashes into the crew’s site, even when the area is marked […]Read more

Stay Safe: Don’t touch electrical equipment

November 2, 2021

Read up on some facts and tips about utility equipment. If in doubt, don’t touch it — call us first for assistance!Read more

Are you disaster-ready?

September 2, 2021

How to prepare for a 72-hour emergency Severe weather can strike at any time. Heavy snow and ice, strong winds, flooding, thunderstorms, and tornadoes all have the potential to close […]Read more

Why did my lights flicker?

July 30, 2021

Have you ever noticed your lights blink during a thunderstorm? Or perhaps you’ve noticed a blinking microwave clock when you arrive home. When this happens, you’ve likely experienced a brief disruption to your electric service, which could result from a blink or power surge.Read more