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Companies that care

November 7, 2016

Studies have shown that communities where owners occupy the majority of homes are more successful academically, are more physically fit and have a stronger sense of community. While owning a home may not be possible or desirable for everyone, ownership does matter. It just seems to make sense that we treat things we own with greater care.

Chances are you probably don’t think too often about your ownership role with your electric cooperative. Every member of South Central Power can take pride in the fact that you are an owner of your electric co-op. While at times it may seem easy to take the provision of electricity for granted, we are working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure you, the member-owners of the co-op, are well taken care when it comes to your electricity needs.

Locally-based cooperatives believe this special bond and obligation to be an integral part of the community. South Central Power understands that you can’t sell electricity to a business that has closed its doors, or to people that have left the community because there are not enough local opportunities. Electricity is a critical need, but it takes more than poles, wires and kilowatt-hours to make a community.

We are owners of our co-op, and in a real sense, we are owners of our communities. Our communities are strong. Think about how much greater it can be when we work cooperatively to tackle our future challenges. If we act like owners on a consistent basis, we will put even more care and attention into our community, and we will look locally for solutions. Finding local solutions can help keep money – and people – right here in our communities.

We all have a role to play. As your local electric cooperative, we promise to do our part for our communities. If you have thoughts about how we can do a better job, please contact the board of trustee member for your district. You are the owners of the co-op, and we welcome your active participation.