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The People Behind Your Power: Marlene Roman

February 26, 2021

Marlene Roman, director of planning and reliability
Office location: Lancaster
Years with the co-op: Six

Hometown: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Favorite vacation spot: A place with gorgeous blue water, sand, palm trees, and sea breeze
Favorite restaurant: Like to support many local restaurants
What do you do in your spare time? Spend time with family, get together with friend

What is your role at South Central Power Company?
Our department evaluates the transmission and distribution system, looking at load growth, conditions, and events to develop solutions. Over the past couple of years, we’ve been implementing new technology and maintenance programs that will have a positive impact on system reliability.

Our new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system gives us better system visibility and the ability to respond to events as they occur. We are continuously working to leverage information for a more targeted and faster response to outages and other service quality events. So far we’ve made great progress and have installed new automated equipment in a number of locations that help us restore power faster to more members in many situations. We have plans in the coming years for additional new equipment, software, and automation technology, so we can continue to improve our service to members across the service area.

We also manage field equipment maintenance projects, like our pole inspection program and other types of equipment inspection and maintenance. We use infrared technology to help us spot potential problems before they cause outages and proactively repair equipment to keep our system strong and reliable.

At South Central Power Company, our goal is to provide you with reliable electricity at an affordable price. Sure, we rely on poles, wires, transformers, and substations to make it happen, but behind all that stands an incredible team of employees who work 24/7 to keep the cooperative running at its best.

South Central Power employs more than 250 workers who do everything from linework to accounting. In our member service lobbies, warehouses and trucks, our 24-hour dispatch center, and more, our employees work hard to make sure your needs are met in every community we serve. This year, we’re spotlighting some of those employees — the people behind your power.

From the March issue of Ohio Cooperative Living.