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How fleet keeps the power rolling

June 27, 2022

When the lights go out, you can rest assured a South Central Power Company line worker is on the way to restore your power. But what you may not think about is how they get there. Behind every bucket truck, a whole team stands ready to do what it takes to keep our essential workers on the road and headed to the job site.

A fleet services team of four works in all three offices to keep company vehicles running and ready to respond, whenever and wherever they are needed. In addition to routine work like inspections and oil changes, the fleet department employees are ready to go whenever a vehicle encounters problems during the course of business. Employees may make repairs in the field, or at times a vehicle needs to be towed to the shop for more extensive repairs.

The fleet department also coordinates with employees across the company to ensure we meet all company vehicle needs and requirements and works with vehicle dealers, equipment manufacturers, and other vendors keep our vehicles ready.

Fleet department by the numbers

14 passenger
72 heavy duty
10 off road
1 electric vehicle
1 1942 historic truck
2,100,000 miles driven in 2021
200,000+ gallons of fuel in 2021

From the July issue of Ohio Cooperative Living.