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Interested in serving on our board?

March 4, 2022

Run for a position representing districts 2, 6, or 9 in 2022

2: Chillicothe, Laurelville, Rockbridge
6: Thornville, New Lexington, Shawnee
9: Bainbridge, Waverly, Piketon

South Central Power Company is guided by a board of trustees who are also members of the cooperative. They are your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and fellow community members. The board has a responsibility to represent co-op members’ best interests when making decisions affecting your electric service. Trustees must be strong leaders who understand the needs of the local area and can help keep the cooperative — and the community — flourishing. South Central Power needs members like you to fill these incredibly important positions.

Watch your mailbox

In April, we’ll share more details about when you may indicate your interest on your bill if you live in one of the districts on the 2022 ballot.

Submit your interest form online

Interested candidates can also submit an interest form on our website. Remember, only members residing in districts 2, 6, and 9 are able to run this year. Not sure what district you’re in? Check the board district map on our website to search your address to find the district you’re in.


To be eligible to serve, you must be a South Central Power member in good standing currently residing within the district. The account must be in your name, instead of someone else in your household, to serve as a trustee.

  • You must agree to attend and participate in regular board meetings and attend to other board duties as required.
  • Trustees cannot be employees or close relatives of employees and must have met this criteria during the last three years.
  • They must have been a member for at least one year, have a clean criminal history during the last five years, and cannot have filed for bankruptcy during the same period.
  • Additional restrictions may apply as outlined in our Code of Regulations, which you can find at



  • Board meeting – nominating committee elected


  • Two one-hour training sessions on roles and responsibilities of nominator and trustee

March & April

  • Member communication in magazine, bill messages, website and social media
  • Members express their interest in running for the board via the company website


  • Nominating committee reviews applications, interviews candidates and selects candidates
  • Candidates not selected by the nominating committee may use the petition process to have name placed on ballot


  • Petitions due
  • Committee meets to verify petitions
  • Nominating committee report filed to board
  • Candidates notified


  • Ballots mailed to members


  • Ballot deadline
  • Election certification committee verifies results
  • Board and candidates notified
  • Annual meeting is typically in August

From the March 2022 issue of Ohio Cooperative Living.