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Members give back to the community

October 31, 2022

The South Central Power Company Foundation helps fund important school programs and activities to support students’ growth. These recent projects that provide hands-on learning, an outdoor classroom experience, and opportunities for disadvantaged students to participate in a local 4-H club, are designed to further education as well as benefit students’ mental health and well-being.

Beallsville Schools in Monroe County received a  $6,500 grant to help construct a pavilion on their campus near their newly created trail system. The space will be used as an outdoor classroom for students of all ages as well as for student get-togethers and community use. Nature is not only a great teacher but a great healer of stress and a boost to mental health.

Berne Union High School in Fairfield County received a grant for $6,990 to help purchase a Glowforge Pro machine for their newly implemented STEM program that focuses on robotics in grades 9-12. The Glowforge is a 3D printer, laser cutter, and laser engraver and uses a variety of materials such as wood, leather, plexiglass, and more. With this machine, students experience hands-on learning and practical,
work-oriented skills.

Waverly Intermediate School in Pike County recently received a $1,000 grant to help form a new school-based 4-H club, Tiger by the Tail. Grant funds will help off set the club costs for third to fifth grade students who do not have access to 4-H clubs outside school or the financial means to pay for enrollment, books, and project materials or transportation. Through 4-H, students build a sense of connection to the school community, have opportunities for leadership roles, and engage with the larger community by participating in volunteer service projects.

For more information about the South Central Power Company Foundation, visit our website at

Operation Round Up – Your contributions make a difference

South Central Power Company members have the option of participating in the Operation Round Up program, which rounds each month’s electric bill up to the next whole dollar amount. For example, if your electric bill is $102.76, your bill would be rounded up 24 cents to $103. Monthly donations can be as little as one penny or as much as 99 cents. The average annual contribution per member is less than $6. One hundred percent of your contributions go toward improving the lives of others, from food banks to

Members of South Central Power are automatically included in Operation Round Up. Today, more than 85% of members participate. If you choose not to participate, or if you want to discontinue your contribution, simply contact us online at or call 800-282-5064.

From the November 2022 issue of Ohio Cooperative Living.