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Message from the Chairman

September 30, 2021

Ken Davis, Board of Trustees Chairman

At our annual meeting in August, we celebrated 85 years of business as a cooperative. In 1936, a group of ordinary Ohio neighbors came together to solve a problem. Electricity was available in urban areas, but private power companies didn’t see the opportunity to profit by powering rural areas and farms. South Central’s founders created an electric cooperative, borrowed funds from the Rural Electrification Administration, and began a legacy of service that continues today.

While we’re proud to say we’ve been in business for 85 years, we recognize that our success is because generations of members and employees have focused on the future of our communities, instead of dwelling on the past. That’s exactly what your trustees and the cooperative staff is focused on today, as we face big challenges during a transformative time for the utility industry.

Even as renewable power sources and technology change the face of how utilities operate, we are still focused on core ideas that have always been important to our members, like dependability and affordability. In addition to the challenges of a changing industry, we continue to operate through the difficulties of working as an essential business during a pandemic. Both our employees and our members have faced unique challenges over the last year and a half.

In our October local pages, we are providing you with a snapshot of our cooperative’s business and financial picture in 2020, a year when we delayed a planned rate adjustment and took other steps to protect our members as the whole world grappled with COVID-19. I am proud to say we emerged as strong as ever, and we’re still focused on serving you every day, while planning for an even brighter future.

Thank you for being a member of South Central Power Company and for allowing us to serve you.

Ken Davis
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

From the October 2021 issue of Ohio Cooperative Living. See Year in Review spread from the magazine.