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Operation Round Up

July 1, 2021

In 2020, the South Central Power Company Foundation donated more than $530,000 to make a difference in our communities. With those donations, the South Central Power Company Foundation assisted 114 community groups or individuals with Operation Round Up grants and provided nearly 100 scholarships to high school seniors.

Bottoms Up Diaper Drive is one organization that received a $3,500 Operation Round Up grant to purchase audio/ visual equipment and set up a studio. The grant will help educate the public in central and southern Ohio on the dramatic need for diapers among a specific socioeconomic group. Bottoms Up hopes to build better public awareness for diaper need; engage more activity such as diaper drives by businesses, schools, and churches; and attract and cultivate more contributors.

“The grant will help us create an environment that truly focuses on the needs of the less fortunate in our communities and moves individuals to actionable care for those who need us,” says Tim Welsh from Bottoms Up.

If you need assistance, know someone who needs help, or want to learn more, visit the organization’s website at www. bottomsup.life.

Children with disabilities in Highland and surrounding counties enjoy fun activities at the volunteer-run KAMP Dovetail at Rocky Fork State Park in Hillsboro thanks to financial assistance from grants like ones from South Central Power Company Foundation.

From its inception through the end of 2020, the South Central Power Company Foundation has provided $3,535,805 in grants and scholarships to nonprofits, individuals, and students in our communities.

2020 Statement of Operations

Beginning balance from 2019 $ 252,069.80

2020 revenue

Operation Round Up $ 617,750.95

Other donations $ 622.95

Total operating revenue $ 618,373.90

Grants refunded $ 2,046.42

Total funds available $ 872,490.12

2020 donations

Grants $ 431,388.79

Scholarships $ 98,000.00

Miscellaneous $ 7,307.74

Total donations $ 536,696.53

From the July 2021 issue of Ohio Cooperative Living.