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Public Notice Announcing the Availability of an Environmental Assessment

June 24, 2019


Rural Development

South Central Power Company (SCP): Notice of Availability of an Environmental Assessment

AGENCY: Rural Utilities Service (RUS), USDA

ACTION: Notice of Availability of an Environmental Assessment

SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that the RUS, as required by the National Environmental Policy Act, is issuing an environmental assessment (EA) in connection with possible impacts related to a project proposed by South Central Power Company (SCP), of Lancaster, OH.  The proposal is for construction of a new headquarters facility.  SCP has submitted an application to RUS for funding of the proposal.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Lauren Cusick; Environmental Protection Specialist, RUS, 1400 Independence Ave., SW, Room 2244, Mail Stop 1571, Washington, DC 20250, Phone: 202-720-1414,

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: SCP proposes to construct a new headquarters facility. The SCP headquarters will be located in the city of Lancaster, Ohio.  The Project area is anticipated to be square and occupy approximately 42 acres.  Construction will include grading the site, constructing a corporate headquarters office building (approx. 25,000 sq. ft.), a vehicle storage garage (approx. 55,000 sq. ft.), a material and supplies warehouse (approx. 25,000 sq. ft.), a fleet maintenance garage (approx. 8,000 sq. ft.), driveways, outdoor storage areas, outdoor parking, and constructing other ancillary structures. The Project area is bounded by Mill Park Drive to the West, Anchor Avenue to the North, and Dave Johns Avenue to the South.  The 42.05-acre Project parcel is part of the larger 146.79-acre Rock Mill Industrial Park Property.  The SCP Headquarters Project will allow for the consolidation of three existing SCP operations centers: the Lancaster Headquarters & Operations Center, the Circleville Operations Center and the Canal Winchester Operations Center. The wetland identified on the map will be completely avoided and not impacted.

Bryan Barker, CHMM, Manager of Safety and Environmental Control at SCP, prepared an environmental assessment for RUS that describes the project, assesses the proposed project’s environmental impacts, and summarizes as applicable any mitigation measures used to minimize environmental effects. RUS has conducted an independent evaluation of the environmental assessment and believes that it accurately assesses the impacts of the proposed project. No significant impacts are expected as a result of the construction of the project.

Questions and comments should be sent to RUS at the address provided. RUS will accept questions and comments on the environmental assessment for 14 days from the date of publication of this notice.

Any final action by RUS related to the proposed project will be subject to, and contingent upon, compliance with all relevant Federal environmental laws and regulations and completion of environmental review procedures as prescribed by 7 CFR Part 1970, Environmental Policies and Procedures.

A general location map of the proposal is shown below

Dated: 6/24/2019