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Scammers Targeting Utility Customers

July 27, 2018

South Central Power warns that consumers should be on alert for scammers targeting utility customers.

On Thursday, July 26, a South Central Power member received a spoofed call from a scammer telling them to call a 740 number to pay now or be disconnected. The scammer used a recording of the South Central Power phone menu to sound authentic.

Allison Saffle, vice president of Member Service at South Central Power, warns consumer to not fall for scams like this one.  “South Central Power never calls members demanding immediate payment to avoid disconnect.  And, the only number that South Central Power members should call to pay bills is 800-282-5064.”

South Central Power member service representatives no longer accept credit or debit card information over the phone, so members can only make payments through the automated payment system.

“If you receive a call and you’re not sure if it is legitimate, please call us,” Saffle said.

Anyone contacted by a scammer should contact local law enforcement.