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South Central Power Donates $20,000 to Central Ohio Foodbanks

April 30, 2020

With food banks facing financial pressure from unprecedented need as our communities grapple with rising unemployment, South Central Power has stepped up with two major donations to some of the busiest food banks in our service territory. The food banks in Canal Winchester and Pickerington serve large populations in areas that have seen tremendous economic impact as a result of the spread of coronavirus. Both received donations of $10,000 from South Central Power Company in April. 

“Our trustees and employees are always looking for ways to help the communities we serve,” said President & CEO Rick Lemonds. “The food banks in Canal Winchester and Pickerington serve large populations and are struggling to meet demand in this unprecedented time of need.”

In Canal Winchester, the cancellations of several events that are normally big fundraisers for the Food Bank, combined with a sharp increase in demand, means South Central’s donation will help fill a tremendous need, says Aletha Mullins, director of Canal Winchester Human Services, which oversees the food bank.

“For health and safety reasons, events that normally give us a boost in donations like Scouting for Food have been canceled,” Mullins noted. “At the same time, we’ve seen an influx of new clients and anticipate seeing that trend for the rest of the year. South Central Power’s donation will provide much needed food and personal care items to our clients.  It will give us the ability to provide more of the personal care items that are not typically donated because they are more expensive.”

In Pickerington, one of the largest and most populous areas served by South Central, the food bank’s annual spring gala fundraiser was also postponed, leaving a funding gap in the organization’s operating budget that will have to be filled in other ways.

Vanessa Niekamp, executive director of the Food Pantry of Pickerington, noted that despite their loss of revenue from canceled fundraisers, South Central’s $10,000 donation would enable them to purchase enough food to provide weekly food boxes to anyone in the community in need. “Food that might cost a consumer $11 at retail only costs us $1 from the Mid-Ohio Food Pantry, so this donation allows us to purchase enough food to provide for all of a family’s basic food needs during a time of hardship.”

The donations are only a part of South Central’s response to coronavirus. Visit our website at for an up-to-date listing of our efforts to help our members through this unprecedented time.

South Central Power President & CEO Rick Lemonds talks about $20,000 donations to two central Ohio foodbanks in 2020 to help support residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.