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South Central Power employees return to work following Middle East deployments

November 2, 2021

Nate Dupler

Nate Dupler, Journeyman Line Worker, Lancaster

Military branch: Ohio Air National Guard

Rank: Tech Sergeant

Military career field: Power production

Dupler recently returned to South Central Power’s workforce following an eight-month deployment to the Middle East, where he worked on high voltage generator maintenance and other power production projects.

“I enjoyed the change of pace, and we had a great group of guys over there, which makes it easier to deal with the change and separation from home and family,” Dupler says of his deployment.

On returning to work in Lancaster, he thanked South Central Power’s leadership for making it an easy transition back home and to the workplace.

“It’s reassuring to know you have a job waiting for you when you get home, but beyond that, South Central Power’s support of military personnel is phenomenal,” Dupler says. “South Central provides support and flexible scheduling and makes sure you aren’t dealing with a drop in income during deployment.”

Tyler Stevens, Security Systems Technician, Lancaster

Military branch: Ohio Air National Guard

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Military career field: Airfield electronics

Stevens wrapped up a six-month deployment to the Middle East in late summer 2021, where he spent his time running communications wiring and building infrastructure such as fiber optics for the military’s telecommunications needs.

“It’s great to feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself, while you also get to do interesting work alongside people from other parts of the world,” Stevens says of his most recent deployment.

Getting back into his professional routine in Ohio was easy, thanks to South Central Power’s military-friendly policies.

“I’ve been deployed as an employee of other companies before coming to work here, and it blew my mind how helpful and supportive the company was when it came time for my deployment,” he says. “When I came back to work, I felt like I didn’t skip a beat — everyone was so friendly and welcoming.”

From the November 2021 issue of Ohio Cooperative Living.