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South Central Power supports repeal of Clean Power Plan

October 11, 2017

South Central Power Company announced today that it supports the efforts of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt to repeal the mandates of the Clean Power Plan in favor of a collaborative, common-sense approach that maintains the delivery of clean, safe, reliable, and affordable electricity.

“The Clean Power Plan is an overreach of federal authority, and it hampers the ability of electric utilities to reliably —and affordably — generate and distribute power to customers,” said South Central’s President and CEO, Rick Lemonds.  “South Central Power is dedicated to a healthy environment, vibrant communities and the needs of our members for safe, reliable power at affordable prices.”

Lemonds said Administrator Pruitt’s action is an important step toward replacing the Clean Power Plan with sound regulation that adheres to decades of EPA-set precedent while providing long term regulatory certainty and flexibility. As the EPA develops a new approach to regulating carbon dioxide, Lemonds emphasized that a revised structure must protect the reliability of the energy supply and minimize undue economic impact on members.

Ohio electric cooperatives have invested $1.2 billion in emissions control systems at their Brilliant, Ohio-based Cardinal Generating Station, the primary source of power for Ohio’s electric cooperative network. Cardinal is now considered one of the world’s most environmentally friendly coal-fired power plants.