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South Central Power upgrading transmission lines to improve service and reliability

December 11, 2020


South Central Power’s mission is to deliver safe, reliable electricity. One of the ways the cooperative does this is by investing in strengthening its transmission system. Transmission lines serve as the delivery method of high-voltage electricity from substation to substation. To ensure the backbone of the electrical system is strong, South Central Power is building the transmission system to the latest industry standards and specifications to deliver a system that will last for decades to come.

South Central Power plans to upgrade systems across the entire territory in the coming years. Planning teams have analyzed outage data, researched original line rebuild timelines, flown the transmission system by helicopter to determine condition, and strategically identified load needs to determine which sections of the transmission system to target with upgrades. These upgrades will help to keep reliable electricity flowing to members who rely on it to power their lives. A newer system will help to increase reliability with
state-of-the-art materials and automation systems, helping South Central Power Company respond much quicker to incidents when they arise.

Over the next four years, the cooperative has scheduled more than 45 miles of line to be rebuilt in the Lockbourne, Circleville, Pickerington, and Lancaster areas. An additional 142 miles of line has been identified to be rebuilt throughout the service territory, but not yet scheduled. South Central Power Company has a total of 264 miles of transmission circuits.

Upcoming project snapshot

Project name: Water Tower to Laurelville 69 kV rebuild
Schedule: Early summer of 2021 through spring of 2023
Description: 10.5 miles of 69 kV transmission line rebuilt on steel pole construction.
Distribution under build will also be upgraded along with the transmission.

This line will start at South Central Power Company’s Water Tower Substation, located just outside of Circleville, and follow the current transmission line’s route with a few variations, to the Laurelville Substation. The path currently travels down State Route 56 before turning south down Tarlton Adelphi Road, all within Pickaway County.

While this project won’t impact all our members, it’s representative of the kind of work we’re doing across our system, so we can be the best electric provider we can be. We’re working hard to improve your reliability across the board.

From the December 2020 issue of Ohio Cooperative Living.