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The People Behind Your Power: Bev Howard

March 5, 2020

Beverly Howard, Field Service Coordinator
Office location: Hillsboro
Years with the co-op: 40

Hometown: Hillsboro
Favorite vacation spot: Cozumel, Mexico
Three words that describe you: Dependable, trustworthy, honest
Favorite restaurant: Joe’s Crab Shack
Favorite movie or TV show: An Officer and a Gentleman
What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy being outside and going to my grandkids’ sporting events

What is a field service coordinator?
Field service coordinators serve as a crucial link between members who need a job done — like setting a new meter at a barn or converting an overhead service drop to an underground one — the engineers who meet with the members, and the workers who perform the job. That takes planning, coordinating, research, cost-estimating, as well as deep knowledge of the cooperative’s products and services and how to best solve sometimes complex problems on behalf of our members. Each area served by the cooperative has a field service coordinator who’s only a phone call away. For service, contact us at or 800-282-5064.

What makes Bev a great field service coordinator?
“Bev is a great advocate for the members and their needs. Her attention to detail in doing this job, along with her decades of experience and great attitude when dealing with challenging situations, makes her a great fit as an field service coordinator.” – Mike Chalfan, Engineering Supervisor

What does Bev say about her work?
“I like working with people. I get satisfaction when I help someone get from point A to point B with a project like building a barn that needs power, or a new member setting up service for the very first time. I’ve seen a lot of changes and new technology over the course of my career, but throughout that time, the common thread that I’ve enjoyed is the opportunity to help people accomplish something important.” – Bev, Field Service Coordinator

At South Central Power Company, our goal is to provide you with reliable electricity at an affordable price. Sure, we rely on poles, wires, transformers, and substations to make it happen, but behind all of that stands an incredible team of employees who work 24/7 to keep the cooperative running at its best.

South Central employs 250 workers who do everything from line work to accounting. In our member service lobbies, warehouses and trucks, our 24-hour dispatch center, and more, our employees work hard to make sure your needs are met in every community we serve. This year, we’re spotlighting some of those employees — the people behind your power.