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The people behind your power: Member Service

September 24, 2020

Spotlight on member service

South Central Power Company exists for one reason only — that’s to serve our members. All 250 of our employees believe in our mission and put members first in everything they do. But some of our employees, like our member service representatives, are on the front lines of assisting our members, day in and day out.

Member service representatives are the friendly voices you hear on the other side of the phone line. They are the smile that greets you in our office lobbies. They are the employees who can point you in the right direction whether you have a question about your bill, need advice on saving energy, or need assistance from another department, like vegetation management or engineering.

Tonya Coleman

What is a day in the life like at South Central Power?
“No day is ever the same. It depends on so many different factors. It can really get busy when we have outages. One thing is for sure — there’s always something to do!” – Tonya Coleman, Lancaster
“Each day presents different challenges and different rewards. Some days
are more challenging than others but the rewards are always meaningful and worthwhile!” – Becky Jo Thomas, Circleville

Tracy Lewis
Tracy Lewis

What are some of the challenging and rewarding aspects of your position?
“Outages are challenging. We do not like them, and members do not like them. I find it rewarding when I can help someone understand that they are in control of their bill. We only bill them for the power used, and we have a great tool to help them monitor their usage via the My Usage tab on the app or MyAccount site.” – Tracy Lewis, Hillsboro
“It’s challenging to get a call from someone who is upset, and trying to accommodate their needs can be very difficult. I love being able to address their concern and find a resolution that is good for all involved.” – Becky Jo Thomas, Circleville

Becky Jo Thomas
Becky Jo Thomas
Laura Holley
Laura Holley

What is your favorite thing about the job you have now?
“That great feeling when you know you’ve helped someone.” – Tonya Coleman, Lancaster
“I like my coworkers they are always so helpful. I consider them my friends.” – Laura Holley, Lancaster
“I enjoy working at the front counter, because over the years, I have gotten to know many of our members. I also really enjoy my coworkers, and I enjoy the variety of different tasks.” – Tracy Lewis, Hillsboro

What’s special about working at South Central Power?
“I love that this company is so community minded.  I see how the Operation Round Up program provides scholarship and helps out so many charities. It has helped schools buy instruments and assisted food banks. You can visit the web site and see the most recent organizations helped. South Central Power even allows employees a set amount time to go help out with charities such as Meals on Wheels.” – Laura Holley, Lancaster

From the October 2020 issue of Ohio Cooperative Living with supplemental information.