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Homeowner Responsibilities for Outages

There are times when an individual site will not have power when nearby homes do. The cause could be an individual site outage caused by trees, a blown transformer or fuse, or electric equipment at the site.  Members may be unaware that some of the electric equipment on their home is their responsibility to maintain. When damage occurs to any of that equipment, members should contact a qualified electrician to make the needed repairs.

When the equipment pulls away from the house, it still may be energized. Contact South Central Power to de-energize the electric service, so an electrician can make repairs. Once the electrician completes the work, South Central Power can then reconnect the electricity. Please note that some communities require an inspection before South Central Power may restore electric service.

For all services, the consumer is responsible for all the wiring inside the structure and the breaker/fuse panel whether inside or outside the structure.