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Need your meter disconnected?

Call South Central Power first

At South Central Power Company, nothing’s more important than the safety of our members, employees and the general public. That’s why we have policies in place that ensure that only South Central Power personnel can access cooperative-owned equipment, including our electric meters. That means if you’re having work done at your home, farm or business that would cause your electric meter and/or other cooperative-owned equipment to be disconnected or reconnected, your first call should be to South Central Power. Call us at 800-282-5064 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday).

Our team is happy to schedule a time with you or your contractor to safely and promptly disconnect and reconnect your meter at no additional charge. We ask for a 2-3 business day turnaround for scheduling meter disconnects. This process ensures not only your safety, but the safety of our workers and the integrity of our electrical distribution system.

Examples of construction projects that may require South Central Power to be notified:

  • Adding a room and/or remodeling near a South Central Power meter or service line
  • Demolition of a structure with power
  • Installing or adding a tankless water heater, an electric car charging station, etc.
  • Installing or working on a net-billed renewable system, such as solar or wind
  • Removing and installing siding behind a meter

When a homeowner or their electrician or contractor disconnects a South Central Power electric meter, or when anyone makes changes to the meter base or power line that in any way disrupts, bypasses or changes power flow through the meter, that’s considered unauthorized equipment access, even if you intend to reconnect the meter after work on your project is complete.

Unauthorized equipment access puts everyone, including South Central Power employees, you and your contractor, in potentially dangerous or deadly situations. That’s why only South Central Power trained-technicians are authorized to work on South Central Power meters or other equipment.

Our meters are capable of reporting meter pulls or equipment access to our 24-hour dispatch center. All forms of unauthorized equipment access require follow-up action from our employees to ensure the safety and security of our meters, and charges and fees are assessed to cover the cost of our response. Typically, you would pay a $72 charge for unauthorized access. After investigation, additional charges may apply.

Have a question about unauthorized equipment access or upcoming electrical work at your home or property? Give us a call first — our team is ready to assist you or your contractor.