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Vegetation Management

Tree trimming & vegetation management education

Trees that grow near power lines pose a serious safety risk and are also a significant cause of power outages each year.

Landscape protection services

South Central Power is responsible for ensuring the safe, reliable delivery of electric service within its service territory. At times, this may involve tree trimming or cutting. When trimming or cutting trees, South Central Power follows generally accepted industry guidelines and best practices to ensure minimal impact on the environment.


From 2017 to 2021, South Central Power spent $61 million on the vegetation management program, and plans to spend $14.3 million in 2022. In 2021, South Central Power cleared 1,350 miles of line and removed 11,877 trees.


Protect against power outages

Most or many power outages within the service territory are caused by trees that have grown tall enough to be blown into or fall onto power lines. In addition to causing power outages, trees can be a threat to public safety and property if poorly located. Proper planning can minimize the risks.


Plant the right tree in the right place

Make an informed decision when choosing which tree to plant. Tips on hiding electrical lines and poles.

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Cutting tree truck with chainsaw

Utility Tree Pruning

Understand the need for vegetation management along electric lines.

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Directional Pruning

Directional pruning

South Central Power adopted the practice of directional pruning, which improves system reliability by directing regrowth away from power lines.

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Find answers to “why do you want to trim my trees?,”  “why do you need to cut so much?” and more!

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