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Security Systems

Security systems

South Central Power offers wireless systems for existing homes and businesses, and a combination hard-wired and wireless system for new homes under construction.

Consider a South Central Power security system if:

  • You want extra protection for you family, property and possessions
  • You have a cabin or lake home that is vacant for long periods of time
  • An elderly relative has special medical needs
  • You have a business or farm building that needs additional protecting
  • You have an existing security system but would the possibility of lowering your cost
  • You would like to monitor your home or business with a camera system
  • You would like to control your system from your smartphone using an app
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24-hour alarm monitoring

Monitoring your home and, if necessary, ready to contact emergency agencies.

South Central Power has partnered with Wright-Hennepin International, a cooperative-based security company, for monitoring of all security systems. Wright-Hennepin International is an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved monitoring center. The UL approval assures that all monitoring personnel have received extensive training and that the facility itself has backup equipment and is able to stay operational 24 hours a day, even during earthquakes.

Alarm monitoring give you assurance that authorities will be notified if an emergency occurs even if you are not at home.

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For additional questions or more information regarding our security systems and safety products, complete our online request form below or call South Central Power at 800-282-5064, ext. 6153.

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