South Central Power

Security Systems

Protect your home & family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

South Central Power offers wireless systems for existing homes and businesses, and a combination hard-wired and wireless system for new homes under construction. Both types are easily expandable as your needs change. You do not need to be an electric customer to have a security system from South Central Power.

A system monitors your home or business for intruders, fire and other dangers. The system can detect unauthorized entry, motion within rooms, high or low temperatures in temperature sensitive areas and more. Each system is custom designed to provide your home with the best protection. Easy to operate, each system is monitored 24 hours a day by a UL Approved monitoring center.

Why choose a security system from South Central Power?

  • South Central Power provides intrusion, environmental and medical alert security systems based on the same cooperative principles used in providing electric service.
  • Our manufacturers, such as GE-Interlogix, Intellisense and Ademco, are industry leaders in both wireless and hard-wired sensors and security panels.
  • South Central Power will assess your security needs based on what you want and provide an estimate for your system at no cost or obligation.
  • All systems are installed and serviced by experienced South Central Power staff who are available 24 hours a day to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

24-hour monitoring

Get standard monitoring with a land line telephone for a low monthly fee of $26.95 (plus tax). If you do not have a land line, or would like to “back up” that phone line, cellular monitoring is available for $39.95 (plus tax) per month.

Packaged starter systems

The GE Concord 4 provides residential and commercial environments with full-featured security. It offers the flexibility of multiple partitions, with up to 96 wireless and/or hardwired zones of protection. Its easy installation and maintenance makes it a very customer-friendly product. There are a number of options and accessories to choose from, and it is no longer necessary to have a land line phone if you install a cellular communicator with your system. Contact us for details.


Intrusion Detection


Price: $569

Package Includes:

  • Installation
  • Concord 4 control panel
  • Wireless motion detector
  • LCD touchpad
  • Backup battery
  • Interior siren
  • Transformer
  • Phone cord & RJ31 phone jack
  • 3 standard wireless door sensors
  • Window decals
  • Yard sign


Door Window Sensor

Use door/window sensors to protect anything that opens and closes, such as doors, windows, jewelry cases, and gun cabinets.

Price: $65

Micro Door Window Sensor

Created to meet consumer demand for less conspicuous security sensors, the Micro is the smallest sensor of its kind.

Price: $65

Glassbreak Sound Sensor

Use glassbreak sound sensor for rooms with many windows.

Price: $125

Panic Pendant

Allows you to activate a 24-hour emergency alarm whether your at home, in the yard, or in the shower.

Price: $65

Motion Detector

Detects infrared energy given off by persons in a secured area.

Price: $125

Smoke Sensor

Smoke detector that alerts you, and the monitoring center, when trouble occurs.

Price: $125

Sump Pump Sensor

Spares you the headaches of water leaks that go undetected for hours and even days.

Price: $95

Keychain Touchpad

Small powerful touchpads provide convenient portable control over security system, lights, panic, and garage door function of your security system.

Price: $65

Freeze Sensor

Safeguards against extensive damage due to undetected freezing.

Price: $90

For more information

For additional information or interested in having a free estimate, complete our online request form or call South Central Power at 800-282-5064, ext. 6153.